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  • Beautiful safe cycling! I stayed at Couetilliec in August 2016. Such a peaceful spot, surrounded by forest. I hired a bike a few times; really comfy (very important), light frame, trails a mix of off road and on road, Carl guided a few and I could self guide the others - managed 55 mile round trip on one occasion! The pool was the perfect place for a swim. Had a very relaxing time.

  • A river ride. A really nice ride provided by Brittany cycle tours. A ride for the family down the side of a very pretty river with good bikes. A drop off and pick up service was provided as was a map of the ride a day and money well spent.

    Poodle2943, Bassingham, United Kingdom
  • Cycle routes for the family or more accomplished traveler around this beautiful part of rural France. Map routes tailored to your capacity with sites indicated along the route. Back up if you run into problems, and support if you travel further afield to get you to and from. We did the range over a weeks stay, along stunning river ways, and across hills to a lunch at a local restaurant. We hired 4 bikes for the week to save all the messing around, at a reasonable price, and were well looked after by the hosts of the cottages located on the same site. Great time had by all.

    Flamps, London, UK