Mid-Scorff Tour (32km)

Tour highlights

Whilst completing the mid-Scorff tour you will:

Explore the beautiful middle section of the river Scorff valley

Stop at the village of Inguiniel for a coffee and croissant

Discover two quaint chapels in isolated settings and then descend to the postcard perfect moulin de Coet Cren

Cycle alongside the river Scorff to l’auberge du Pont Calleck and then enjoy a relaxing lunch on its riverside terrace

Or take a packed lunch and sit at one of the picnic tables overlooking the river Scorff

Moreover, on a sunny day enjoy paddling in the Scorff at the pecherie de Coscodo.

Tour information

Distance: 32km (20 miles)

Duration: 2.5 – 6 hrs

Longest decent: 2 mins

Longest climb: 8 mins

Predominately on tarmac roads with a few off-road sections

Suitable for cyclists with some off-road experience

Self-guided or guided tour

What will you see?

What will you experience? Please see the video below “sweeping descent to Moulin de Coet Cren.”

What will you see? The Mid-Scorff Tour photo carousel, below, shows the main points of interest.

N.B. On guided tours Carl provides narration on various points of interest especially those relating to the natural environment, ancient buildings, dilapidated farm machinery and anywhere with a pleasant view serving
beverages and any boulangerie along the route.

Map and directions

We provide a laminated hard-copy cycle tour map which includes turn by turn directions.

Handlebar mounted universal smartphone holders are available by request if you wish to track your progress electronically.

We are currently exploring various map apps to enable the tour map, directions and points of interest to be downloaded to your smartphone.

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